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Really cool idea! The Linux version is much appreciated. I think the game starts off a bit too tough/punishing. I'd consider decreasing the skill needed for the first few floors (even if that means adding more floors).

My best run got to Floor 19.


it’s been ages since i looked at this game but thank u for playing it!! it was my first game and i dont plan on updating it any more, but i appreciate ur thoughts! floor 19’s really good too!! i think there’s either 20 or 25 floors in total, so u were really close :)


Damn good reminder to save money haha. This was awesome!!!

thank you im glad you enjoyed it! <3

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Very fun little game! Played it for hours until I won (staying up WAY too late in the process), and it was fun for most of it. Sometimes frustrating, but never boring or tedious. I didn't realize for a long time how powerful the "Trade" upgrade was; I assumed the trade was only once, but it will repeat until you're out of moves! Absolutely necessary in the later levels when the scanners are unavoidable and can eat down your entire time in less than a second.

Big issue I noticed is that "Viral Chains" upgrade doesn't actually do anything (says it's supposed to slow down the scanners upon detection, but doesn't).

Some other issues I had was that there is no in-game pause button or way to get to the settings after starting a game; you have to click outside the window or otherwise switch windows to get to the pause menu. So if you want to change your colors or restart because you've messed up your run early on, you either have to spend the time to purposely run out of money, or close and restart the game.

My other issue was probably more a me thing, but I found the buttons to be opposite what was intuitive. Since you'd usually be using the search wave first and the infect second, and it automatically sets you to search mode first at the beginning of each floor, I had a lot of trouble remembering that 1 was actually for infect and 2 was for search (especially when later in the game and after I had the "invisible node infection" upgrade I would start a floor by taking a lot of "shots in the dark" with the infection. Since it takes a moment to register the switch, I would sometimes click too soon before the 1 button could register and search by mistake, and then assume I hit the wrong button since I was already constantly second-guessing myself about it, and ended up just keeping it on search and accidentally burning through many many moves trying and failing to infect). Some sort of indication of which mode you're on could be nice (especially for people using the Tab key). Edit: I may be stupid there literally is at the bottom

Lastly, some of the rangen with the upgrades and when the different difficulty increases (namely the second scanner) would show up made some runs feel a little unfair, since just being unlucky could seriously mess up an otherwise good run. Though I know it's hard to balance consistency and variation, so this is definitely another minor one.

This is not an issue so much as an idea, and of course there is no pressure at all for you to use it (especially if you're not updating the game), but an idea for another upgrade is one that speeds up the pulse around the nodes, so they don't linger so long that the scanners have the chance to hit the entire screen before they fade in the later floors.

Sorry this probably sounds like I'm just complaining, but I really did enjoy the game! Like I said, although sometimes frustrating, it was never tedious, which is very impressive with a game where you have to restart from the beginning and replay the first few levels a lot. I also really appreciated that the tutorial doesn't repeat at the start of every run and instead has a separate option to replay it from the menu. The graphics were both fitting to the premise and effective in gameplay, and I liked being able to customize the colors.


wow thank you so much for the thoughtful and detailed feedback, i really appreciate it!! i havent touched this game in years and i probably won’t again, but you’re super right about everything you mentioned. the balancing and honestly a lot of the UX is kinda wonky, but that’s how it goes for a first game with a single balance patch lmao. im glad you enjoyed playing it anyways! :) <3

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i think i can reach higher if there certain floor that give you upgrade(free upgrade) like wave or time,but it still fun


Hey, I'm not able to play this game. I install it (Windows 10) and it asks for a username. I put one in and hit enter then it just stays on a gray screen with music playing. Holding escape brings up a "Quitting" progress bar so I know it sees my input. What could the problem be?


hey! p sure the problem is w reading the save file! this was my first game n i saved everything inside the game’s resource folder, which means if the game’s in a special folder like Downloads, ur OS will try n block it. try moving it onto the desktop or smth n see if it works? otherwise ive heard downloading and playing it through the itch app works as well!


This game is anti capitalist yet sells itself on the free market for money lol


lmao ur literally that “yet u participate in society, i am very intelligent” comic punchline



Hey Noé! I've been watching your streams for a while, and I thought it was finally time to check your minigame out after I got it from the Racial Justice bundle. Given the premise of taking on a predatory corporation (seriously, fuck capitalism) and the really addicting, fast-paced gameplay, I was hooked and even made it to Floor 16 in my first day.

That said, I do have a bit of constructive criticism: the game is both a bit easy and at the same time you run out of mods to purchase FAST. Generally, I would nerf the money bonuses from the Close Call, Last Second, and Stealth Infection mods. Speaking of the Stealth Infection mod, was it intentional or a bug that it applies even when you don't successfully clear the floor. Either way, I would rebalance it so that functions like the other money bonus mods, only on floor completion. In addition, maybe add a new floor security upgrade that increases the amount of nodes the player needs to infect.

When I made it to Floor 16, I only had two more mods left to purchase, which would negatively impact the top floors of Money'Surance as there's nothing left to buy, and thus less risk of falling into the negative. It;s your game, so I don't wanna be an ass and play backseat-developer, but I brainstormed five different mod ideas that you could potentially add. Feel free to ignore/rebalance them to whatever you think is best.

Exchange (counterpart to Trade): If you run out of actions, gain 1 action at the cost of 2s

Blitz (counterpart to Last Second): Given a bonus $ if you clear a floor with over 60% time remaining

Access Granted: Blocks the next floor security upgrade, only works once

Last Ditch: If you run out of actions and time, one remaining node is automatically infected

Clearance: Increases the time gained by infecting the security node by 5s

Otherwise, you're hacking minigame is really, really well made and well thought out and has a lot of strategic depth! I know you'll do great on your development of your fishing minigame!

PS: There's a bug with the first Penalty for Remaining Nodes floor security upgrade. It says that the penalty has increases to $75 in the warning message, but the floor preview screen and the game itself penalize $50.


hey hey aedra! ur absolutely right, those mods do need to b nerfed, there’s a big disparity in players who find the game too easy, n those who find it too hard, n the difference is wether or not they take advantage of those mods, which rlly r OP. blitz is a rlly good idea, might def add that! there was initially going to b a counterpart to trade, but it creates a weird issue where if ur low on both, it nullifies both itself n trade. maybe ill have it as a sorta pick one? also i didnt notice that price disparity bug, thank u! i super appreciate all ur feedback n im glad u enjoyed it! hopefully the next version will account for a lotta these issues! :D

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Hi, I disagree with every other comment. I think this game is too easy (with mods), especially once you get a few key upgrades. It's very easy to exploit Close Call and Last Second Bonus, in particular, since you can just spam scans until you're down to 2 moves, wait until one second is left, and then take the last node... with that strategy I was able to get every upgrade by Floor 12, and I beat the game in about an hour or two. I also think it'd be good if there was a punishment for just spamming "infect" everywhere until you hit a node, which was my main strategy on the floors themselves to avoid detection and get stealth infect bonus money. The mechanics are super duper fun, and by the end I was losing about as much I was winning (but I'd already stockpiled like, $4000). It's a really replay-able game (and I'm REALLY struggling to get past level 15 or so with no mods at all), and I think if you made a second one in a similar vein but with some different mechanic that would be really neat. I'd also love an endless version (you could just take off a second or a move every round until it's impossible if scaling it up past 25 levels is hard) Thank you for the enjoyable experience!!


thanks for the thoughtful feedback!! ive def heard from some ppl that its too easy (esp w being able to exploit those OP mods atm), n ill b doing another update for it @ some point w more mods, balance fixes, n accessibility features like difficulty modes n such! thanks for playing!!

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This was super fun! I've managed to get to level 10 a few times before running out of money, and I definitely plan on playing more and see if I can get to a higher level.

I look forward to seeing what the next version of this game looks like!!

thank u so much!! might b a hot sec before it gets another update but ive got a bunch of neat ideas/balancing fixes/accessibility features planned for when it does! <3

Hi, i just downloaded your game and it seems nice ! But i have a small problem, i'm playing it on linux and i can't resize the window (my screen resolution is 1680*1050).

I can't see the bottom of the screen.... the time resting is in it. Is there an option to change the resolution or to play it in full screen/window mode ?

Thank you :)


hey!! yeah u should b able to press f n have it toggle full screen mode!! also its p strange that its too big, but theres a chance that when u exit full screen mode itll set itself to b large but still smaller than ur monitor size? i dont have a linux os to test on, but i hope this helps!! <3


Thank you for the quick answer, pressing f worked and now the resolution is fine. :)


I like the concept of this game, and there's some really satisfying visual feedback going on for your actions! I do agree with the commenter who said that (a) the difficulty level is very high, and (b) it's not a roguelike. For me personally, I think I would have enjoyed it more if you came away from each heist with a little cash to spend towards permanent upgrades; that might temper the difficulty a bit.

It took me way too long to figure out that you get penalized for the scanner intersecting either the circle around your mouse or a lingering circle around a node; intuitively I expected one or the other, not both. I kind of wished there were a half-second or so of grace period after the scanner detected you, too; it's frustrating when it just skims the edge of the circle around your cursor, and you end up getting penalized twice because it technically intersected the circle twice.

I didn't find I ever had time to look to the side and see how many actions I had remaining. For that to be useful to me, I think I would have needed something much easier to check in peripheral vision -- maybe a row of big dots which disappear one by one as you use your actions.

Finally, it was confusing to me that nodes would infect nearby nodes they didn't have a connection to. I wasn't expecting that, and it left me confused about the point of the connections.

Still, though, I think this is a really neat game, and the mechanic is a fun one I haven't seen before. I'd really like to see it polished into something a little less frustrating!


thanks for the feedback!! i super do agree having the both the time n action count remaining off to the side of the screen is a bad place for it, a friend suggested it instead b around ur cursor which ill b implementing when i have a chance to come back to it, along w actual difficulty options. im a bit confused abt what u mean when u say the circle around the cursor? the one that follows ur mouse the whole time is just a preview, the scanners cant detect it. also yeah, i should def have made it more clear that when u infect a node by clicking on it, it emits a wave thats intentionally bigger than the default connection range. it becomes more clear later in the game when u can get mods to increase that initial infection radius that it’s separate from the default waves that nodes emit, but rlly, they look way too similar now for sure

thank u so much for playing! <3


This game is exciting, fun and really gets the heart pumping. I feel like the difficulty level is just too high. I put a couple hours in and only cleared level 11. Still, every level feels great when you finally get there. This game mechanic could really grow into a game with a lot of depth. The mods are very creative although it's always hard to decide whether to spend or save. It's definitely not a roguelike, though. That label might confuse some people.


thank u so much for playing!! its meant to b a p challenging game that u get better at over time, but the next time i can get around to updating it ill absolutely b adding actual difficulty settings :) also i removed the roguelike descriptor, i still feel it has a decent amount of core features of roguelikes w permadeath n procedurally generated levels, but i def agree it could confuse ppl cause its not what most would think of when they hear roguelike

thank u for the feedback!! <3


So simple and so good!



FUCK YEA also thank u!!