Small Fixes and DOGWORLD Release??

Hey wave hackers! After almost a whole year I’ve finally opened DATA LOSS back up and fixed a few small technical and balancing issues, hooray!!

My dear friend Nate (Lateralis) who did the amazing music for DATA LOSS has since changed his twitter handle, so the link in-game now points to the right @!

He’s been working on his absolutely killer game called Dogworld for the last few years, and it releases out TOMORROW!! It’s a semi-monochromatic 2D platformer shooter where you explore and fight though a gorgeous world filled with dogs and dog monsters. I’ve been playtesting it for the last half a year and it’s such a joy, the combat is fast and juicy, the entire soundtrack is an absolute banger, and the boss fights are some of the most satisfying I’ve played in a long time.

10/10 would recommend checking it out on Steam:

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed the link to Nate’s twitter
  • saves now save in your persistent data path instead of the game’s path (why tf did I do this)
  • fixed a bug where it would say the node remaining penalty was $75 but then change it to $50
  • lowered the amounts of money gained from the Close Call Bonus and Last Second Bonus mods, which hopefully help to not actively incentivize players to just wait half a minute doing nothing to get a ton of money
  • fixed a potential bug where the save folder path might’ve been impossible to find. this really was my first game, huh


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