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I just made this account to express that this game is really cool :)

awwww thank u!!! <3 <3 <3


hi! I'm going to write about this game for my Queer Game Studies class at my NYU Masters program.  email me at if u want me to include any info in my research paper! happy to chat! - jessi kat scott (they/them)


hey sweet, that sounds super cool! id b super curious n excited to hear abt ur paper if ud like to share! ill hit up ur email abt it :)


I played this game on my old macbook and loved it! Now I have a new computer, but it won't currently open with this OS (Big Sur). I've played with application permissions etc. and haven't had any luck and am wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and found a solution? 

I will have to take a Trans Day of Vengeance against Apple for not letting me play this awesome game 

oh, it might be that it’s 32-bit (im not sure if this is the case)? but i can try and make a 64-bit build when i get home if i still have the project! :)


oh, interesting, I didn't know that could happen! also wow! please don't go out of your way, but if it's not too big a deal I would love to be able to place this game again! If not I'll just have to wait until my pc is up and running  ^^

updated to HTML5!! doesnt seem to work in chrome or safari, but it seems to work perfectly fine in firefox!


you're a hero! <3


unironically in love with this game


it unironically loves u back <3


Really fun and beautiful game!

Thank you!


thank U!! im glad u like it!! <3


The "Gender Fluids" pun is amazing!