Arboreal Allure

This is a game about being lost in a forest where everything looks the same.


  • Move cursor to the edges of the screen to look around
  • X brings up a map. You can draw on this
  • C brings up a compass. The red part of the needle points North
  • Carving into trees can help with orientation
  • Find the gear, it's your key out
  • Leave the forest before it takes you back


Change the difficulty at any time using the UP and DOWN arrows. Current difficulty is shown in the top left of the screen. Will get the option to change difficulty settings after you escape or die.

  • Sweet Dreams: 10 minutes until midnight, slowest progression of dangerous spaces, exit is placed in one of the least dangerous zones
  • An Average Night: 5 minutes until midnight, regular danger space progression, exit is in a middle danger space
  • No Time To Waste: 2 minutes to midnight, regular danger space progression, the time you can spend in rooms with the forest monster doesn't reset when you escape it, exit is in one of the most dangerous spaces
  • Nightmare Sleepwalking: same as No Time To Waste but you start at midnight, when the forest gets more dangerous immediately


Art + code: Noé Charron (Twitter | Twitch)

Sound design: Justin Wabs (Twitter | Bandcamp)


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Love the surveyor simulator game.

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im glad u had a good time gaming (surveying)! :)

edit i have no idea how to strikethrough in this lmao

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I managed to find the gear once, but I didn't know what to do with it after that. Could we get a small hint?

Edit: Nevermind! I managed to see what I needed to do on the forest's edge this time.


im glad ya got it!!!


Love the concept of this, very dark and moody! Only complaint (other than it's hard and i can't beat it waaah) is that the turning seems a bit too fast/sensitive? I found myself spending most of my time overshooting exits I wanted to click on because I'd zoomed past them.


thanks for playing!! i just fixed a weird unity bug that makes it move super fast on some browsers n operating systems but it should b fixed now! gonna see if i can add a difficulty slider to the end screen later tonight :)


awesome, tysm!! you made a really great little game here!


The Dark Souls of map drawing games--Etrian Odyssey wishes it was this tough 


i can make it infinitely harder to force u to git gud if u like >:)


I'm so curious as to what u mean by that honestly


like. i can make it needlessly harder so that the only way to win it is to git gud


this game is good also is the monster single? 


oh yea u know they r