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idk i made Cat Pentagram cause i needed a font that included icons for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch controllers and it turned out p cool imo. i'm using it for Grim Rogue, but anyone can use it! <3 icon pack is separate if you just want the icons :)

in order to make the icons work, they're in place of certain characters that would prevent me from spelling my name in all caps properly (i will become NO[option button], instead of NOÉ) but oh well they all fit nicely in ascii code with the dec nums from 192-230


- 192-195 (À, Á, Â, Ã): Dpad up, down, left, right
- 196-199 (Ä, Å, Æ, Ç): Face button up, down, left, right
- 200 (È): PS4 touchpad
- 201 (É): PS4 option button
- 202 (Ê): PS4 share button
- 203-206 (Ë, Ì, Í, Î): L Trigger, R Trigger, L Bumper, R Bumper
- 207 (Ï): Xbox One menu button
- 208 (Ð): Xbox One view button
- 209-211 (Ñ, Ò, Ó): PS4 square, triangle, circle face buttons
- 212 (Ô): Xbox One/PS4 X face button, they're both the same :0
- 213-215 (Õ, Ö, ×): Xbox One Y, B, A face buttons
- 216, 217 (Ø, Ù): left stick, right stick
- 218, 219 (Ú, Û): left stick PRESS, right stick PRESS
- 220-222 (Ü, Ý, Þ): mouse left, right, middle buttons
- 223-226 (ß, à, á, â): N Switch LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN buttons (not sure why i didn't follow my usual UDLR format for these, lmk if it's a problem for anyone tho)
- 227, 228 (ã, ä): N Switch +, –
- 229 (å): N Switch capture button
- 230 (æ): N Switch HOME button


i used BitFontMaker2 for this and honestly everyone should know it exists cause it's fucking great and you can get a lot of cool fonts by cool ppl there and u can MAKE UR OWN??? i've also added the copy data for this so you can change Cat Pentagram easily in BitFontMaker2 by importing the data with the icon in the top right corner of the editor

you can also see the it in the BitFontMaker2 Gallery!!


ok so cause unity and text and fonts are a mess and i'm too lazy to figure out TextMeshPro, here's how to get nice crisp pixel font looks~

  1. drag your pixel font into your asset folder
  2. in the font's inspector panel, set
    1. font size to 16,
    2. rendering mode to hinted raster,
    3. character to unicode THIS ONE'S IMPORTANT IF U WANT THE ICONS
    4. and apply
  3. click the lil gear icon in the top right corner of the inspector and select create editable copy
  4. this will make 3 new assets: a material, a font, and a sprite
  5. go to the sprite's import settings in the inspector and
    1. set the texture type to default
    2. set the filter mode to point
  6. and there we go!!! now when you want to use that font, MAKE SURE TO USE THE FONT ASSET THAT WAS CREATED WHEN YOU MADE THE EDITABLE COPY. you can also delete the original font asset from your project unless you're like me who feels bad for making them feel left out


CC-BY license!! means the only restriction is giving credit to Noé Charron, and you can use this for personal and commercial works

hope you're having a wonderful day and remembering to drink water and take care of yourself!! you DESERVE it!!! <3


CatPentagram.ttf 19 kB
IconSheet.png 1 kB
CopyData.txt (Only if u wanna change things in BFM2) 7 kB

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