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Played by the olde and restless who inhabit the middle land, in after-life purgatory. Not yet angels nor demons, but the spectral beings betwixt. Demon's Dozen judges the soul and seals its fate. Those who win go to hell, while those who lose are condemned to heaven for eternity. May your practice serve you well. 

Designed by Plum and Noé.

Updated 13 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsNoé, Plum
GenreCard Game
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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Hi, I recently started learning and playing this a bit, and I find the game super interesting and fun^^ 
If I understand the rules correctly, I'm already starting to see how many ways there are to interact creatively!
So just a couple questions for clarifications:

Do diagonally adjacent cards count for double card calling? 

Then, if I count correctly, the total number of stakes for a single card call can reach from 2 to 15 points, and for a double card call they can reach from 2 to 6 points, right?

That also means that the starting player would get a guaranteed win by single card calling their four known cards (13+11+9+7), if the opposing player didn't interfere, right?

Lastly, when playing with a maximum number of sets, are points exceeding 40 still deducted from 40, and would landing on 40 end the game prematurely?


thank you for playing!!!

  1. double card calling can’t be done diagonally! only done with cards directly above, below, or to the left/right side

  2. single card call stakes range from 3-15! you can’t single card call a card who’s value you’ve seen, so when there’s 1 card left, it can only be called in the 2nd and 3rd rows which would give you 3 and 4 points respectively! but yes double card call stakes range from 2-6!

  3. yep this is partly why you can’t single card call any card that’s empirically known to you

  4. nope! it’s just whoever gets the highest value at the end of the set! that sounds like fun too, but it’d effectively be just playing the game normally and just calling the winner early i think


Ooh, I totally missed the "not known to you" part in single card calling. Thanks a lot for the response!

I thought it would be very easy to quickly get near 40, and then almost only revolve around each other's exact finishing conditions, but yeah, it seems better to not have that very consistent climb with guaranteed high point gains.


yeah exactly!! there’s def a strat involving focusing on revealing your opponent’s cards while keeping yours hidden so that you increase the risk/reward ratio by single card calling a card in the 3rd row with most of the 2nd and 3rd row cards known hehe


This game is really cool! I have some parts of the rules I'm confused about: with double card calling, is it okay for one of the cards to already be face up? And, one of them being not known to either player just means it's a face-down card in the middle row, right (do cards count as known if you can deduce what they are with absolute certainty)? Also what do you do if the only face-down cards on your turn are the ones you know, so it's not possible for you to make any calls?


Hi hi yes!! Double card calling can be done with any two touching cards as long as one of the cards is still face down! So in the event you have just one card of your own face down, you can still double card call it with another card next to it that’s face up. Also, a card is only known if you’ve seen it with your own eyes, so any of the cards in the row closest to you or any card that’s face up; deductions don’t count! For example, in the instance where you can deduce what a card is with absolute certainty, you can use that information to intentionally make an incorrect call and give your opponent points :)

Hope that answers your questions! Thank you so much for playing!!


That makes a lot of sense! I'll have to play again with proper knowledge of what I'm doing :)